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The Cell




Part I, 11:06 min

Part II, 12:13 min



Familiy and its bonds are recurring subjects in Astrid Sodomka‘s work. Emotional ties can be experienced as personally expanding and suffocating at the same time. Her ambivalent relation towards family and being a mother is subject of the video installation „The cell“.



Stones and bones from J‘s pockets on the heating in the bathroom, the Playmobil-ferry boat with life-belt and fire extinguisher, car and driver, the pier, the green towel with ears, baby-oil, toothbrush with feet, a couple of toothpastes. Lego bricks in the bedroom, a basketful, rattling in the morning, a high sound on the floor. The aeroplane. Cleaning up after the last fight, splintered wood, a folder on the floor, sheets of paper, the wardrobe-door.

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